Mind Map/Like Driving A CAR

Posted on May 7, 2021


The next thing is “Cornell notes” — welp, I don’t need no stinking badges. I might go back and do that for one of the assorted training things I do and stick it in later but right now doing that would be a DISTRACTION and … the whole purpose of this exercise is to congeal some things.

After that “What’s in it for me?”

I am not teaching courses to people who aren’t there voluntarily. They pretty much really, really want to get better at math.

After that — what parts of it are like driving a car?

The parts where you’ve “seen” 5 x 6 enough to automatically know it’s 30 so …. you can get to 6 x 6 by sticking six more on, and yes, you’ve been playing with the numbers to get 30 + 6 without a lot of effort. “Automaticity” is a huge part of what I do… I try not to bring car culture in too often but … I do — part of the “waht’s in it for me” thing, too — note how learning to drive can seem really hard and complicated at first … then after a while so much of it comes automatically… and that even if it’s *hard* for us, welp, most people find it worth learning to do.

I’ll also use reading and swimming as things that aren’t always easy to learn but we don’t think we have to “be a reading person” or “be a swimming person” to want to know how to do it.

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