Careful blogging

Posted on May 4, 2021


Seems — as of a week ag — that we need to move out of our space by fall.

This week an admin is inquiring “what do you need?”

When we moved over here, we planned before we moved so that they could put walls and things in where it made sense.

When we moved over here, they asked us how we could best serve students.

We’ve been here over 10 years; we’ve learned even more about how to serve students. Pre-Covid, we were out of space when we were busy and were trying to find ways to get more space.

We were not included in any discussions of the decisions to cut programs and move the very few of us remaining to smaller space.

So when asked, I didn’t include assumptions that we were doing less for the students. They asked what we need. I answered.

Now, I’m also wondering: Who’s out there in an educational org that wants to get funding to *help* students? I’d help with that since I can describe the gaps we’ll be having…