Posted on April 10, 2021


Whereas, I decided to try to replace some staring at the screen on twitter/fb time with learnign Spanish…

I remember about what I expected — so the beginning is easy. I can’t really figure out how it works, though. There are circles with categories and I did the exercises in one and then went to the next, and I’m at “level 1.” Then on the last one, it automatically took me to a new level. So, do all the other categories hve different levels?

There’s a test to get to … a new level, but they don’t call it that. You have to listen to stuff and answer questions and … I got the questions right because of my ability to tune into phrases, but no, I didn’t really grasp what was being said.

I’m thinking I’ll pick another category and see if it has lots of levels that are more challenging.

Yes, it is pedagogically delightful. I can tell what the words are b/c they have pictures. I’m told to mind the accents but don’t get marked wrong for not putting them in (thinking not all devices can do that). It *is* working like spellng of the days of yore — I know almost all of it so when I get somethin gwrong it’s memorable. El clase *de* ingles, even if in English we don’t say “of.” “no entiendo la pregunta” — entiendo, not comprendo.

And the COVID numbers are climbing 😦 😦 😦 4004 cases in the state yesterday. Thousands of people in the hospital. Cook County has days where so many people die 😦 😦 😦

And it’s the weekend and I don’t want to waste it… need to get that check from the insurance into the bank to pay for the siding!

The psychology of DuoLingo is “just do it a few minutes a day,” so I’ve gotten lots of oh, badges and rewards in these two days. I suspect it will work well with my selectively addictive personality… but I need to remember the goal isn’t to get points, but to be able to understand Spanish. I want to be able to say to the person asking about an ESL class, “yes, you can call me about it and I’ll speak Spanish with you.”

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