Posted on April 3, 2021


And math twitter happens… what *are* best practices for inclusion in math? What Works has a handout that was shared in outrage because it recommends frequent timed activities. I wonder if they thought about the wording for that one since for so many people timed activities are associated with trauma. The long version is 165 pages 😉

Maybe that can be a framework for the Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning discussion group that will be about Stuff To Do In The Classroom.

I’m hearing that the college enrollment numbers are down. Information about how they’re re-organizing student support is… minimal. I’ll be under library supervision in the “instructional support” … don’t know the title of it. Gee, do you think we’ll have more students needing help with their classes after COVID?
Mainly, though, I think they’re completely missing the mark by eliminating the student coaches, and cutting the student-driven activities. Yes, they cost money. No, they didn’t generate revenue.

But enough of that; it’s time to go OUTSIDE and get a doorknob, and … keep looking for ways to make this learning stuff happen.

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