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April 30, 2021


Timing. Today I had several folks come by who hadn’t ever been here. A person who’d just sovled a mess of tech problems with her course so now she could *do* things … so she needed to do that and catch up …. this tech stuff was … frustrating… and a man that I’d connected […]


April 20, 2021


One of my tweeple is also doing duolingo for Spanish. I mentioned that I’d briefly scanned for “duolingo for math.” Yes, it’s discussed and there are several “things modeled after it.” Sigh, though, the modeling after is … the yays and the clicks and the levels …. the stuff of “how can we structure this […]

Antiracism/UDL reflections

April 14, 2021


Just had our Wednesday “implementation” book group. We’re small but mighty: 3 of us. Our list to think about: — how can we create a safe space/environment for students to use their voices discussing current events that happen about racism? Not in general, but … when they happen. Like when another 20 year old gets […]


April 13, 2021


Yes, I’m having to curb time on duolingo. It’s got me thinking about that learning stuff thing. Remembering this comic about learning being like riding a bicycle… that has lots of dowhill FUN FUN EASY parts between the challenges, compared to … *always being pushed.* *Why can’t we build a math program like duolingo?* Aspects […]


April 10, 2021


Whereas, I decided to try to replace some staring at the screen on twitter/fb time with learnign Spanish… I remember about what I expected — so the beginning is easy. I can’t really figure out how it works, though. There are circles with categories and I did the exercises in one and then went to […]

Woodin Math

April 8, 2021


Just hung out at the Facebook video w/ Chris Woodin talking about teaching measurement. 12 people there…. but it’s recorded, it’ll be on YouTube. I *felt* like I was on zoom so I would gesture as if my video were on… then say “oops! no one can see~” and grab that beer 😛 but there […]


April 3, 2021


And math twitter happens… what *are* best practices for inclusion in math? What Works has a handout that was shared in outrage because it recommends frequent timed activities. I wonder if they thought about the wording for that one since for so many people timed activities are associated with trauma. The long version is 165 […]