wading in

Posted on March 26, 2021


I just spend — oh, really probably was a bit over an hour, and that’s a side effect of Pomodoro I hadn’t considered. I waded through my “repeated retrieval” exercise in JavaScript. I got to where it kept functions from the other versions (the quizzes with the icons to match facts with). I made lots of functions blank because … they’d get called and if nobody answered it broke.

Back of mind is “is there something else I should be doing???” and my job is tutoring, and nobody’s here, and they’re “restructuring” our roles (we don’t have input in the process).

In 1995 or 6 I realized that classroom teaching was the *perfect* job that I couldn’t do. _What Color Is Your Parachute_ had an exercise telling 3 stories about something you did that you felt good about, then analyzing for what a good work setting would be. I was surprised at how much I valued and even craved being part of a team effort, even if I did a lot of stuff independently. So mainly I’m wishing I had better networking skills…. tomorrow is Illinois Digital LEarning Lab meeting so there will be some connecting…

And it’s tomorrow already! Numbers are still …. concerning … especially since the more-contagious and more-deadly California variant of the Covid virus showed up 27 times. The ship Ever Given is still stuck in the Suez Canal. I wonder if somebody will taken it upon themselves to oh, muck with some other critical shipping path. There were lots of earthworms trying to avoid drowning on the sidewalks on the ride in, genus Lumbricus I believe. I watched part of a course on HTML that will go into how the Internet works with operating system, server connections, database and scripting language. It might be what I need to take my thing to the next level, though the main thing is … I want to be colluding šŸ˜‰

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