quite quiet

Posted on March 23, 2021


I don’t like how quiet it is. I’m wondering if everybody didn’t just drop their courses over the break, and what great marketing ideas the admins will research to prevent that from happening again. Of course I could be suddenly swamped, too.

I looked back at my wannabe times tables class and oh, boy, it’s not ready for prime time, though if I were a teacher I could use it. Went to D2L and … Welp, there’s no way to have multiple answers in an arithmetic question. No idea where it would be best to devote my energy — part of me thinks “where will you get noticed?” and I’m thinking … doing things in Geogebra (or Desmos) would be the way.

I spent half hour going through the course and outlining it… so that I can add stuff to it along the way.

I discovered I really did figure out an awful lot on repl.it for “repeated retrieval,” so that will get its half an hour. Then, I think I’ll wander over to Geogebra and … sniff out something I can do to make a lesson from IM more cognitively accessible.

It’s 3:41 — but it’s Tuesday so I’ll be here ’til 8:30. I’ll probably have the little handful as the past 3 weeks and no meetings to dash off to.

Numbers not great — not the right direction, but it’s Tuesday and sometimes that’s just swings and vagaries, but politicians and doctors are concerned — the virus is still out there killing people, and the variant seems to get us younger and get us more severely. And … another mass murder, 10 people in Colorado. I’m really hoping there’s pent up energy and people don’t get numbed. Hey, I did 17+ miles on the bicycle yesterday πŸ˜‰ Did extra half mile on the way in … because I had extra time b/c left wallet here so the bank trip didn’t happen. Wind blew me in; will not be with me for the way home.

Pomodoro time πŸ™‚

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