Spring almost break

Posted on March 15, 2021


Just boring stuff.
Turns out George Carlin went to a progressive, ungraded Catholic school. You learn that stuff when there aren’t any students except one who came in for a spell to use the computers.

Going to do the late thing tomorrow anyway. Note to self: Upload the videos and get the captions going oh, the night before because … it takes Indefinite Time to process. (I think we might have had some connection issues?) I set it up 4:00 and … it might be done now at 4:48.

TOMORROW really do this… dive back in to … the stuff that’s been stagnant for so, frustratingly long. Mary Chapin Carpenter played lots of little bars, right? Keep honing and growing. As in, how to do Moodle? I keep *not* finding the way into making an actual course, though all the press about it (and there’s a fair amount recently) says it’s relatively easy. I *did* basically get a bunch of the “necessary” off the list…

And numbers were relatively good again with <1000 COVID cases but yea, the rest of the world not so good and fires spread. Time to go catch that bus — tho’ I prob’ly would have been fine ’cause this happened like after I would have gotten here šŸ™‚

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