Monday :)

Posted on March 8, 2021


Back at work!! No focus to speak of 😦 but it’s lunchtime and sometimes the morning is enough “nobody’s here so I’ll get it all done after I do this” and I can get going.

10 days ’til I’m “officially” fully vaccinated (got second jab Thursday). I have this odd desire to keep the mask on, though… I think because … it’s still a very sick world. ‘Nuff said.

Need to caption tutoring videos. Then: Put the times tables thing on Moodle. Make it happen. Put it out there. We’ll see if students find me once lunch is over… happily my post-jab pressure-in-the-head from swollen glands … was completely ameliorated by the morning ride and just clearing out the other congestion. Roof is happening, too. I said I’d try to ask for good weather when we scheduled it for “next spring” last fall and 🙂 I win 🙂 60’s and sunny 🙂

Let’s roll 🙂

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