Posted on March 6, 2021


Got the second jab oh, 9 hours ago… I’m feeling a little chilly and I can feel a little soreness in my arm. Going to make an early night of it and said I’d be working from home tomorrow. Have a student zoom appointment at 9 and happily *did* find the test reviews for student online with “become zzzexample student” and find that course 😉

Also had zoom meeting about adult ed, GED. There was much discussion of how much better students did when they knew they were being graded… as in, *phenomenally* better, and feelling better about themselves, and buying into learning, etc. etc.

I remember teaching middle schoolers and discovering that letting them earn A’s for things was extremely motivating.

Then I see so many threads about “ungrading” and the *evils* of grades, and how they measure compliance, not learning.

Our “grades,” though, are not expressions of power. The first instructor described a form she fills out where she notes their attendance percentage, what they did… and has a “growth” field that is a combination “you grew here, yay!” and ‘here’s a place to grow” — as in *one place,* not a litany of failure…

… I’m thinking …. my students didn’t have a lot of experience getting good grades. They were totally willing to engage in class and work for them.

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