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Posted on March 4, 2021


Suffering from major “oh, I did that thing, where *was* I???” tho’ … the “necessary / possible / I can dream, can’t I?” google doc table helps.

No, I didn’t remember that Chris Woodin was doing a “how to learn facts and some other stuff like that” webinar but … it was there when I sat down. It was The Way It’s Spozta Be. There were two of ’em, going through lots of cool ideas (I was also on the phone but I hit the automatic captions) — and chat that was read often and responded to. I’ll try to get to the next one, too, tho’ I can’t remember the topic. Lots of people were asking about getting training and he said demand was greater than supply and … COVID… They talked about how lots of really good math tutors got there through Orton-Gillingham and reading, *not* math. They didn’t mention any other resources besides theirs (at least not while I was paying attention 😉 ) … I woudln’t have been able to resist saying “oh, and Marilyn Zecher has awesome ideas, too!” but … that might have been an executive decision ’cause that could open big cans of worms. There was none of the “those things all fail; only I know how to do this!” like in another person’s training… just confidence that “this has worked for everybody I’ve taught so far, and I’ve taught a lot of people.” Lots of his materials are online, and the videos are recorded… they’re about sharing 🙂 30-some folks in attendance. When folks wanted to know about computer stuff for older students I resisted … he’s got some Very Cute software coming out in oh, the next year or so…

I get second jab tomorrow. Yesterday I worked 11-8:30 and 3 folks there with no notice except me telling folks Friday and Monday. The emails out said it would start next week. I realized that yes, we wnat to have two ‘official’ people there any given time in case somebody says we did something we didn’t but … I might just have the cameral rolling if I sense anything . (Having a novelist’s imagination takes me places…) My plan is to come home after the jab — but to ride a bit extra (the I-hotel is barely 2 miles away)… maybe swing by Ace Hardware (another half mile) and see if they have glow in the dark paint and order it if it’s not there. Since the advice for people who get the actual disease is to *not* “just take it easy and stay rested,” but to make sure to keep moving and breathing… I’m going to approach the shot side effects the same way, even tho’ hopefully there’s nothing that happens in the lungs. Well, I also want to get March miles in!!! Yesterday’s late night means I don’t have the urge for beer to wind down… I”m tired enough 😉 So the “don’t drink before the shot” part shall be followed, as well…

Our numbers are okay but I’m curious about next week since last night the Illini played Michigan so people will have been at bars… and we trounced them… and Friday is “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day,” even tho’ the bar owner who started it years ago disavowed it this year.

Find focus tomorrow???

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