Open road :)

Posted on March 1, 2021


I made a video about “Please Go And Bring For Me” and … they like it. The folks at “UDLPartners” say: Do what you’re going to do and share it!”

So 🙂 It’s my road! And it fits nicely into my Lenten goal to give up Being a Vegetable At The Computer After 7:00. I am not in any danger of burning out. And… maybe it’s basically static on the airwaves, but maybe static sparks will set some lint afire somewhere.

I made a page for “how can we teach multiplication for understanding” on my site… should probably add metatags….

COVID numbers staying meh, but with People Getting Vaccinated, then stability while more people are getting immunity … is a good thing. There are still nasty variables out there and climate change.

Thing to do now is to pretend to make the revised version because then somebody will show up for help or zoom (update: didn’t even pretend well, but got it done that day; see above.)

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