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wading in

March 26, 2021


I just spend — oh, really probably was a bit over an hour, and that’s a side effect of Pomodoro I hadn’t considered. I waded through my “repeated retrieval” exercise in JavaScript. I got to where it kept functions from the other versions (the quizzes with the icons to match facts with). I made lots […]

quite quiet

March 23, 2021


I don’t like how quiet it is. I’m wondering if everybody didn’t just drop their courses over the break, and what great marketing ideas the admins will research to prevent that from happening again. Of course I could be suddenly swamped, too. I looked back at my wannabe times tables class and oh, boy, it’s […]


March 18, 2021


School’s closed tomorrow (it’s spring break this week but staff still goes in, tho’ I grabbed some hours off — but campus closes of the Friday)… so it’s like Friday except I can eat meat 🙂 I’m glad Betsy’s Bistro has stayed open, self-serve but … everything has bacon in it or something 😉 … […]

(just saying)

March 17, 2021


I remembered a while ago that when I was growing up and *in school,* and in major colleges/ universities, I learned to expect poor management and decisions that just didn’t work in real life that everybody in real life would have to figure out how to work around. My home county was laughably incompetent even […]

Spring almost break

March 15, 2021


Just boring stuff. Turns out George Carlin went to a progressive, ungraded Catholic school. You learn that stuff when there aren’t any students except one who came in for a spell to use the computers. Going to do the late thing tomorrow anyway. Note to self: Upload the videos and get the captions going oh, […]

Monday :)

March 8, 2021


Back at work!! No focus to speak of 😦 but it’s lunchtime and sometimes the morning is enough “nobody’s here so I’ll get it all done after I do this” and I can get going. 10 days ’til I’m “officially” fully vaccinated (got second jab Thursday). I have this odd desire to keep the mask […]


March 6, 2021


Got the second jab oh, 9 hours ago… I’m feeling a little chilly and I can feel a little soreness in my arm. Going to make an early night of it and said I’d be working from home tomorrow. Have a student zoom appointment at 9 and happily *did* find the test reviews for student […]

glub glub

March 4, 2021


Suffering from major “oh, I did that thing, where *was* I???” tho’ … the “necessary / possible / I can dream, can’t I?” google doc table helps. No, I didn’t remember that Chris Woodin was doing a “how to learn facts and some other stuff like that” webinar but … it was there when I […]

Open road :)

March 1, 2021


I made a video about “Please Go And Bring For Me” and … they like it. The folks at “UDLPartners” say: Do what you’re going to do and share it!” So 🙂 It’s my road! And it fits nicely into my Lenten goal to give up Being a Vegetable At The Computer After 7:00. I […]