Resolutions, Lentiness…

Posted on February 15, 2021


Whereas I was about to go into “vej out at computer” but I had a website page of mine up and recalled that I really, really swore I’d update and share more things more often, no REALLY I MEAN IT THIS TIME!

… and I discovered that I *had* already uploaded my complete Freak The Mighty Comprehension PDF. I just didn’t have any links to it. Well, there it is! Consider it CC-BY — no, I’m not going to update my Adobe and pay them money to add that and maybe I’ll spend time pulling pieces and sharing fully licensed but it’s got things like vocabulary and What Are Inferences, Anyway? kinds of things.

Have keys!!! Sucked it up and called the bus folks and yes, it was there, in the same purple purse that a bus driver saw on the road (it bounced off my bicycle), saw on the road a second time and stopped to grab it and welp, one of my tutoring lab ‘regulars’ was on the bus … it had my wallet… I was that lady who rides her bike… she delivered it *to my house.* (This time it only had keys and my old phone nad some cough drops… and I left it on a bus 😉 I remember figuring out if I had to live in A Big City (e.g., Baltimore) that … I’d have to network and make friends 😉

… and tomorrow is Monday. Time to make the “necessary, possible, I can Dream, Can’t I??? table for the week…

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