Posted on February 8, 2021


6 degrees this morning — I’ve recently ridden in with 9 and it was fine, but we’ve had another small dose of snow. I realized I don’t have the gear I once did for below zero so yesterday I ordered up a winter BUFF (somewhere in the house is a nest of balaclavas, somewhere, including my Exactly Right Size Perfect one…) and another back blinky… and hopped the bus this morning. It was all folks not talking, not even breathing hard, as if we all might have some nasty disease and we didn’t want to spread it. Weekend numbers still going down but the U stats going up and… people seem to be dying more. (Welp, if it kills people faster, that limits the spread, too, but it’s awful…)

And it’s Monday and somebody tweeted about the getting rid of remedial making STEM whiter, and — reminding me of “we should open schools!” arguments — the New York program that is awesome and works is being hailed. Welp, it also reminds me of “mainstreaming” (yes, I’m that old… now it’s inclusion), which many the school system used to trim those expensive, small special ed classes … done right, it’s great. Done on the cheap, nope. Inspired me to re-read my thread and yes, reflect that … I still haven’t found traction/ connection… but hey, it’s 9:33 of Monday morning and I can figure out a: Please Go and Bring For Me and today’s tidifying revealed my printout about speech recognition and I could find *that* and share it… another “quick description, but not a quick fix!” but hopefully wiht enough structure built in so people could actually *do it.*

10:15 and time to get off le tweet but this is a sharable blogpost about online learning from Laura Gibbs.

12:00 and I’ve made a little progress on PGBM — and I’ll be using my “artistic” skills….. (stick figures and green squares, people… okay, “teacher icon” – but I don’t want stereotypes! )

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