Affirmations :)

Posted on February 5, 2021


Got the jab yesterday and I sit down and nurse asks, “Are you here to help me with my math?” Yup, a Parkland grad who’d been down to D120 many the time.

Yes, it brought to mind “but who are we allowing to fail” because yes, she’s white.

Reading tutors swung by w/ folks from Project Read, and post-jab yesterday Project Read coordinator approached with phone and the idea of making a little promo video for next week’s zoom intro to the space, instead of “here’s a zoom link.” Brilliant! And if I want to do a more general one, he’s willing; prob’ly next Wednesday. He said he wanted to capture the energy and my personality. Aww, shucks… but to be honest my vain little self was thinking “how can I get people to understand the potential here???”

It went from sleet to rain to rain to snow and got pretty cold… but I rode in anyway and the roads were okay b/c they’d been shoveled and salted so last night’s little layer of sheen was gone (sidewalks, driveways with snow and slush were *rock hard ice* as the roads had been Monday morning). I chatted with my immune system and sucked in the headwind. Definitely a “ride today, it’s gonna get awful tomorrow” scenario: extreme cold for the next 7-10 days tho’ not *quite* “shut it all down” cold of 2019, and the busses are already free (they did that for a while then because yes, they know people ride them to stay warm and they’re *okay* with that, like liberals or something!).

But now to focus and Get STuff Done. Please Go and Bring For Me deserves to be shared 🙂

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