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Paging Multiplication…

February 27, 2021


Working from home this professional development day, and a brief window between zoommeetings to say I did a page about promoting the conceptual understanding of multiplication. Snow is almost all melted (just remnants of what were piles left) and the soil is happily, thoroughly moisturized. Okay, I did a Page On My Website about it […]

Collaboration :)

February 19, 2021


Wednesday night, for lack of a zoom meeting and being a “give up being a vegetable after 7:00 p.m.” for Lent, I did a draft of a video explanation of “Please Go and Bring For Me” for building multiplicative thinking, because I think it’s a brain changer. It reminds me of “letterbox lessons” for building […]

Resolutions, Lentiness…

February 15, 2021


Whereas I was about to go into “vej out at computer” but I had a website page of mine up and recalled that I really, really swore I’d update and share more things more often, no REALLY I MEAN IT THIS TIME! … and I discovered that I *had* already uploaded my complete Freak The […]


February 8, 2021


6 degrees this morning — I’ve recently ridden in with 9 and it was fine, but we’ve had another small dose of snow. I realized I don’t have the gear I once did for below zero so yesterday I ordered up a winter BUFF (somewhere in the house is a nest of balaclavas, somewhere, including […]

Affirmations :)

February 5, 2021


Got the jab yesterday and I sit down and nurse asks, “Are you here to help me with my math?” Yup, a Parkland grad who’d been down to D120 many the time. Yes, it brought to mind “but who are we allowing to fail” because yes, she’s white. Reading tutors swung by w/ folks from […]


February 3, 2021


I’ve been unable to find ways to connect with people out in the community, and of course thinking “okay, maybe what I know and do isn’t what they need.” Last week a few folks from Project Read dropped by and I happened out and talked to them about our space and that I’d be glad […]

Groundhog day!

February 2, 2021


Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I … I’m helping w/ Elementary Ed math this semester. I wonder if it’s workable for the “I want to teach elementary but I’m not good at math” cohort. It’s full of really fun, varied presentations of basic concepts — I don’t know if they’re basic enough to be […]