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Posted on January 27, 2021


I read at “Phil on Ed Tech” that the CEO of Apollo Global Management has resigned because he gave lots of money to a certain “convicted sex offender” Jeffrey Epstein.

Also seems that Apollo Global Management is extremely financially involved with McGraw-Hill … “Just three months after Apollo bought McGraw-Hill, they addedon ALEKS…”

Ick. Ick.

Time to look at that To Do List. I’m missing assorted Things And Stuff 😦 I think there’s training today in Northstar — who don’t even have people register for it so if it fills up, you can’t do it. Which is, of course, because they’re *not* funded by the likes of operative word filthy rich people “with eclectic tastes.”

Yesterday I got to help a candidate for County Clerk who’s *almost* finished her degree navigate tech issues — when her advisor sent her to tech help but they weren’t there…. rather than get on the phone they came here and I got to build my rep for Figuring Stuff Out. Her laptop gave her “internal error” messages fromthe Parkland page, but it let her in to the wifi so … she’d used the right info. Well, let’s see if it’s in your computer — let’s try to log in from *our* computer. it bounced her right to the “you need to change your password” — which they all had to do after the April Mad Hacking. (Yes, the timing is weird but she might have been Working Around That Stuff all this time.) So, we did that, set up the double authentication, and she was able to do the Stuff That Needed To Be done — and now the laptop lets her in, and several deans got emails about how awesome her advisor and I are (and how disappointing other things were…) Yes, I wonder how many folks we’re losing through these little barriers.

2 students using lab …. let’s do this!

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