Posted on January 14, 2021


Yea, our math courses are now using “lockdown” and “respondus” with the whole camera thing.

Basically, students have to have a good laptop, a good connection, a good camera.

Too bad so sad, rest of the world!

WIth things like Zoom, I could at least say “hey, come on campus, we’ll set up a room and you can do it here. Our internet is good, you don’t have to figure all this stuff out (it’s a communications course, not a technology course…)

Seems with this stuff oh, they only have to download it once!!! You don’t need to log in, But … it all seems to need to be done through the course, so no, I can’t set up a thing in our study rooms so you *could* come here and just have the regular stress of Taking A Quiz In Weird Circumstances.

Oh, and … we use ALEKS for placement testing. You can take it once for practice, and then it will give you practice starting where you landed on the test. Except … they decided even tho’ it’s practice, it has to be proctored. And, if you didn’t do well enough on the reading, you can’t take it.

So you can’t practice math with ALEKS if you didn’t do well enough on the reading test.
Hey, it’s only one more barrier!

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