Classes started!

Posted on January 12, 2021


It’s good to see the few stray hoomans in the halls, and I’ve seen 2 in person and 1 email…. 2 appointments scheduled. Note to self (because I totally forgot this w/ walk-in): even tho’ you’re all kinds of available, have them figure out when they’re coming anyway!!! (THis one I’m pretty positive I’ll get that chance so Thanks To Her for helping me remember for the next one…)

Note to self: leave forlunch even tho’ it’s “I’d hve to put all the layers on to ride so prob’ly not…” low temp 23 coming in — but …. the weather likes me and I was thinking: the state numbers have been Not Surging this past week (tho’ our region is cascading down from being Best In State, I’m presuming from another wedding or ‘Prohibition partee’ from our right-leaning constituents…) and … this morning it was clammy, misty (tho’ it didn’t feel frozen ?!?) and I could almost feel it dragging viruses down to the ground. It’s the cold dry air that suspends it in dormancy, waiting to find something warm to waft into like a nostril… not that that would help much inside.

And after lunch: cra cra busy. From “this person needs help because nobody is there in the offices across the way” (where they process really important paperwork for transferring, etc and tend to not be there when there are appeals due so we have to say “sorry, we don’t know what to do either!… but this person was happy to get email of the person in question…) 2 folks in to pull up and print outStuff from their courses because they know this is the place, making me want to think of the right term resembling “underground railroad” for “no, I can’t advertise that we’ll do this for you but it’s here if you are a friend of a friend…”

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