So many threads

Posted on December 11, 2020


I’m failing at coming up w/ a good metaphor. for having all kinds of tiny things floating by, trying to figure out how to remember where they are and what I can be doing to … weave these threads? Get this dance with others going? Am I in the band or supposed to try to conduct something or play a solo?

So, turnin’ off the radio ’cause it’s too good… failing completely to find the geogebra number line template that let you label with letters, but I am sure I can if I look hard enough. Okay, let’s make this a ten minute post:

Interactive Number Line Generator:

How to make a number line with Word

The Geogebra Template for Number Lines With Labesl That I haven’t Found Yet

And … well, …. did I mention I become unraveled easily? Today’s thing was supposed to be at 9:00 (Probably Eastern which would be 8:00 for me) not 10:00 Central.

So a few emails later and … I should just make a video — they really want content. Arright ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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