Posted on December 11, 2020


Yesterday I got to use my role-playing skills. Marketing sent a pair of folks down because they’re making a commercial about all the support Parkland provides during the pandemic. They were surprised that there were in person folks here… and we did a couple of short takes of “tutoring from six feet away” (though it was closer to 5 for that fairly short stint), and zoom tutoring.

I’ve always suspected that Parkland’s decision makers considered marketing more important than improving the institution they’re marketing and this was living proof. This service they’re advertising? They are planning to make our Center for Academic Success be absorbed into other places; most positions and programs were simply eliminated this year. If we still had anything more than a skeleton crew, all either retirement age or having been told the job won’t exist end of contract, we could actually be working with the community (“engage the community in learning” is our stated mission) — and bringing in students. There’s concern that if enrollments continue to drop we will need to be a college “half the size” of what we’re accustomed to. There seems to be more planning to just assume that’s going to happen (hence the pre-emptive “trimming”), rather than ask whether that’s really meeting the educational needs of the community.

Next step? To figure out a way to do it anyway in a way that’s “marketably visible” so that hopefully it will be deemed worth investing in.

Also to plan out that video!

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