Posted on December 10, 2020


I like being busy but I”m not sure where I”m getting behind. Today was definitely a day to see Why I’m Live And In Person… 2 people’s day Sucked A Lot Less and another one’s was Made Excellent… because they could come here and figure things out.

I need to follow up on connecting after yesterday’s “lightning talk,” and tomorrow will be action packed (as in, about 1/10 as busy as your typical mom day)… I captioned and put my “Intro to Number Lines” video on my site. It’s based on Modumath — one of the “oh, it *does* make sense to explain this!!!” videos. Tomorrow I’ll be chatting about doing a short video on number lines *and* ‘marketing’ will be down doing a video clip about zoom tutoring. (Yes. Marketing is where the focus is, still, at my humble institution. I’ll stop there…)

(and in our fine country over 3000 people died ***today*** from that virus. 179 here in Illinois. THey haven’t published so much about ages perhaps because yes, overwhelming majority are >60… but oh, the “youth” from yesterday on the list… but our state numbers are better than last week…)

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