Little Friday

Posted on December 7, 2020


LOL no, it’s real friday by the time I get to this!

OK I guess I should be grateful this stuff is happening right before I Have Down Time At Home… seems Desmos and Geogebra are *both* doing “let’s collaborate and do the cody stuff with little webinars” — they called it a “buildalong.” There aren’t too many people doing it — I hope hope hope I can get into it šŸ™‚ But first! Today! I have two or 3 more videos to get captions into, a 25 minute/each process. Then … start pulling *slides* for my lightning talk. Then put together for next tuesday’s UDLPartners video about making number lines. Then get the captioned videos up on the site and linked to from the main page. Hmmm!!! Can I touch them all by noon!

(and i didn’t post it anyway…. time to grab the Monday rope and start pulling up…)

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