addressing the harm

Posted on December 1, 2020


So, the Nuns on the Bus have a little pre-election video saying that if somebody’s supporting policies we don’t agree with, we should address the harm caused rather than rail and spew vitriol.

I”m helping a student withdraw from a course. To withdraw, you have to contact the teacher and send them a form to sign. They started composing an email apologizing with reasons…. and we recognized this is exactly the situation where — back before they gutted our unit — we had people who flagged this stuff and supported and worked through things … recognizing the Other Stuff You Need To Know HOw To Do (e.g., executive function kinds of things or any of a million others)…. before it was too late.

There are so many situations where students are striving to navigate and … it’s not happening. I’m feeling this analogy of navigating around a room … when really it’s bigger than that room — you need to find the tools *in* that room to navigate your whole craft (ship? bicycle? rocket?).

Lunch inside ’cause it’s subfreezing and I don’t feel like layering up. Minimal success in thwarting distractions and getting back to videos about the times tables. Dec. 8 I’m signed up for a Lightning Talk. Ah!!!! That’s what I’ll do on Thursday’s “co-worker zoom.” What, you ask, is a “coworker zoom”? It’s a thing those of us feeling like we’re out on deserted islands are doing — just getting on zoom together to “co-work.” We’re inventing it as we go…

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