Quiet Monday?

Posted on November 23, 2020


Folks have been moved online so I hve no idea whether this “last 3 days before holiday” week will be busy or not. In years past I’ve had folks under “get done by holidays” deadlines (inwardly or outwardly imposed); I arrived 8:15 but nobody’s here yet 😉

As I pulled through the campus parking lot, I reflected on CSC 140, the Java course I took so I could make an Android app, and the joys of sitting in that classroom watching an artist at work. We were coached and guided to construct understanding of what “object oriented” means, when we could have been shown How To Make This Assignment Work. Second semester was when we got to things complex enough for me to recognize: this is where the model that would have worked fine first semester would have Kept Hitting A Wall.

I also remembered that he didn’t just have us construct that more complex model with simple stuff. The next lecture, we walked *the same path* — but faster. He just *taught it all over again* and didn’t even say “as we learned already.”

This is somebody who *could* do it all with motor memory like touch typing.

I’m glad I recalled this as I think about 3 minute videos. What concepts and mindsets am I trying to get folks to construct? Can these videos be like legos that work together?

I’ve got a ton of things to read, process, and produce — and yes, the first student has arrived 😉

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