Whew! Saturday/Sunday

Posted on November 15, 2020


-Yes, I had 3-4 students ’til 5 (1 on zoom)… 3 zoomers, sometimes 2 at a time Friday … it’s pretty much the same people.

Appalling state COVID numbers — 15,400 up from 12,800 from two other 12000 days … it went down to 11,000 ish Saturday. We shall stay open, though. If Sunshine can drive a BUS and bring me my purse picking it up off the road, I can monitor a safe, open space for people to use computers and do whatever. My sister’s sending me a “mask care package” so I can make sure it fits snugly and has The Third Layer in there.

Hoping that next week will have more windows, since a: OpenEd20 is done and b: I want to figure out “another metric” for digital literacy from assorted related documents (lists of skills people should have and lists of online places to learn different skills). And C: I am still trying to find connections…

Ridiculously windy today *everywhere* tho’ I got to church and back fine. We had Mass despite the “y’all should stop that” from Thursday with about 20 people out there in the pews; it’s like the college. Folks are spread out and masked and very careful. (And they keep coming back, eh? Today there were several new folks and about half no-shows.) The Archdiocese might tell us no for next week, tho’ fact is we’re still in a little bubble of Not Quite As Bad.

Too windy to get out and ride except that means I have no idea what I’m forgetting to do. Let’s see if I can find the list 😉

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