Excited :-)

Posted on November 10, 2020


Okay, I *am* an optimist. I’m easily infatuated with potential.

I had about a 15 minute zoom call with “UDLPartners.”

They’ve got a “Name it, Frame it, Tame it” video and the plan is to have “micro PD” videos — under 3 minutes. (Yes, we already speak the same language.) So now it’s time to talk back and forth and make things happen. It reminds me of a few other projects where suddenly all those amateur efforts didn’t seem like a complete waste of time… and of course I’m thinking of a *million* possibilities.

It also inspired me to open my Drop Box because I miraculously remembered that was Another Place I’ve Stuck Files (since the ones from this computer are All Gone From The Hacking Cleanup). I found my “Connecting Representations” exercise — *and* the complete PDF for “Tools for theTimes Tables ” workbook !!!

I’m also dropping in on sessions at #OpenEd20 and it’s a ferocious example of the power of collaboration and there’s a ton of great creativity and yes, it’s my lunch hour but it’s windy outside anyway (advisory level). Right now it’s a session about making math accessible, w/ emphasis on low vision. Lesson: Adobe products are impossible to make accessible, whether it’s old stuff or PDFs. The “tagged” PDF says “there is an equation here.” Layout in Word is also a nightmare. Basically: Go with HTML and open source 🙂 🙂 Mathpix …. good stuff, but not quick and you have to edit. Equatio is popular too …

There’s also fun with setting examples with interactions. We all got access to a Google doc — asked to rank our knowledge level. Somebody had put “+1” and I put me… but what if somebody had typed their name 😉

When Iwent to the live in person conferences, there were many times when … there just weren’t useful sessions for me. I’m not really in the OER trenches. This level works nicely. It’s also a whole lot easier to do the social parts because I *know* where people are going….

Hmmm. Need to figure out whether I want to start cranking the workbook into HTML… tho’ I *am* going to keep playing with the javaScript quizzes. Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I