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Quiet Monday?

November 23, 2020


Folks have been moved online so I hve no idea whether this “last 3 days before holiday” week will be busy or not. In years past I’ve had folks under “get done by holidays” deadlines (inwardly or outwardly imposed); I arrived 8:15 but nobody’s here yet 😉 As I pulled through the campus parking lot, […]

Whew! Saturday/Sunday

November 15, 2020


-Yes, I had 3-4 students ’til 5 (1 on zoom)… 3 zoomers, sometimes 2 at a time Friday … it’s pretty much the same people. Appalling state COVID numbers — 15,400 up from 12,800 from two other 12000 days … it went down to 11,000 ish Saturday. We shall stay open, though. If Sunshine can […]

Excited :-)

November 10, 2020


Okay, I *am* an optimist. I’m easily infatuated with potential. I had about a 15 minute zoom call with “UDLPartners.” They’ve got a “Name it, Frame it, Tame it” video and the plan is to have “micro PD” videos — under 3 minutes. (Yes, we already speak the same language.) So now it’s time to […]

Just sayin’

November 7, 2020


SO there’s a lady who knows to come to the lab when the tech doesn’t work. The Chem class has this whole protein building thing … that is Flash based. She got a New Computer because the old one wouldn’t do what was needed for other software, but of course it REJECTED all things Flash. […]

Problems I like

November 4, 2020


Even ALEKS can have a bit low-floor high-ceiling experience. “The ratio of blue to red marbles in a bag is 5 to 8” Now, if I remember right, previous renditions went right to “if there are 39 marbles in the bag, how many are blue?” and I’d teach them how to make a chart with […]