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Posted on October 14, 2020


That chapter about “peer led” learning in _Failure to Disrupt_…

maybe it’s what inspired me to go back to FreeCodeCamp to ask my question about how to do things to a div, when a div isn’t a variable.

I ended up finding it via Google on a snarky reply telling the person asking that question that wow, they must not know *anything* about coding!!! but they did answer the question 😉 Yes, you can just *make* it a variable with the whole “get element by ID” command which *is* a basic Thing, but it’s a pain to type… which means that if it’s a 1-word element like a div, I could just say myDiv.doThisToIt and it would. It’s a shortcut.

I browsed in FreeCodeCamp enough to see that it is still *not* snark land. People are still posting the Same Old Beginner Questions and asking “how do I learn from here?” and people are answering in a welcoming, warm way. It’s thriving. I wonder how much troll-squelching is required.

Now back to Repl.it … tho’ it’s Wednesday. Book discussion in 20 minutes, then lunch… gotta check the wind b/c there’s a ferocious advisory.

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