Camtasia rocks ;0

Posted on October 8, 2020


Camtasia got erased from work computer, but one email with my school address and I got download link.

Remains to be seen: whether this is the latest version so in 30 days I’m asked to pay, or whether somehow I’m using something through the school account. I could look up old emails and see if it’s the same “key.” When I got such a prompt response I thought, “oh! They know Parkland sends them many dollars!”

I’m also thinking that if they ask me for money in a bit they shall get it, and that it’s worth exploring the extras, at least a little bit. I did The Sue Jones Method for Adding Fractions (which I’d done in Flash back in the day!!). I successfully got captioning done though I need to figure out how to stick to my script so I can cut and paste.

Helped a few students, too… but it’s 3:30 and very quiet now. I hear many, many people are dropping classes. Yes, we already have their $$ but the odds of getting more of the same … (It’s also Thursday, but the past two of those were very busy.)

There was a webinar by a group doing a thing called STAIRS — Supporting Teaching of Algebra: Individual Readiness. It was during my lunch hour and I had to sign on twice to get sound and then the sound went away. We were to enter things into the chat room, not that there was a chat room — you were supposed to know that the question slot was the same thing. Yes, another “we do all the talking” webinar, tho’ we were to respond to our choice of images describing how we felt about “data-based individualization.” 12 minutes into it, they were telling the testimonials of how much teachers liked it… and the sound went away so I did, too. My “the more they have to talk about how good people think it is, the less they are comfortable talking about what it is ” alert is fully activated.

it’s about ”  (1) the process of data-based individualization (DBI), (2) the principles of explicit and systematic instruction, and (3) key components of algebra readiness.”
I’m afraid “explicit and systematic” might really mean procedural, and DBI is more of the “computer aided ‘personalized’ learning” like Mathia X…. so as with that, best that I watch it when my fingers can’t put scathing remarks in the question box 😉

Give me Antiracism and UDL any day…. next for *now* is doing the last 2 pages of the times tables thingy links.

I did figure out what I wnat to do in Geogebra: set it up to show images for fractions with diff denoms and the common ones.

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