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Antiracism and UDL

October 27, 2020


I’m putting questions together for tomorrow’s discussion of Chapter 5: Engagement as a license to learn. I’m reminded that in 2018, CAST revised their Universal Design for LEarning Guidelines. The handy chart had looked something like this: and the more active “checklist,” like the above… The new guidelines are radically different at several levels. … […]

Fight the acedia!

October 26, 2020


One of my math tweeople shared this historical gem about “acedia” — a certain flavor of anxious listlessness. From it: Evagrius of Pontus included acedia among the eight trains of thought that needed to be overcome by devout Christians. Among these, acedia was considered the most insidious. It attacked only after monks had conquered the sins of […]

Khan Academy…

October 22, 2020


“Phil on Ed Tech” interviewed Sal Khan at CanvasCon. I registered for it but couldn’t get into anything interesting so I inferred it was Big Corporate Entities talking at Big Institutions and bugged out. Wish I could remember the really cool online conference that had lounges and chat rooms and everything… Did Sal Khan think […]


October 14, 2020


I’m sorry. I seriously FAIL at GitHub. I’m supposed to be able to save a version so if I mess it up I can GO BACK to it. Except whenever I “go back” …. it just pulls up THE SAME MESSED UP THING. So basically I have to go back to the last time I […]

quick thingk

October 14, 2020


That chapter about “peer led” learning in _Failure to Disrupt_… maybe it’s what inspired me to go back to FreeCodeCamp to ask my question about how to do things to a div, when a div isn’t a variable. I ended up finding it via Google on a snarky reply telling the person asking that question […]

Reading, reading

October 12, 2020


“Peer-guided learning at scale” is the current chapter in Justin Reich’s _Failure To Disrupt._ He contrasts personalizing content vs. personalizing the learning experience, again constricting adaptive tutoring as adapting the pace of learning and contrasting this with having the entire learning experience adapted to the student as they could “leverage online networks to explore their […]

Camtasia rocks ;0

October 8, 2020


Camtasia got erased from work computer, but one email with my school address and I got download link. Remains to be seen: whether this is the latest version so in 30 days I’m asked to pay, or whether somehow I’m using something through the school account. I could look up old emails and see if […]

Disruptive innovation…

October 5, 2020


I’m reading “Failure to Disrupt.” Oy. Page 59-60: There’s a clip about “disruptive innovation” with Sony Walkman as an example of something that had low quality in some areas but would sell madly to “non-consumers” who wouldn’t buy the quality stuff anyway, because of some novel features. Talk about an apt metaphor for education. Let’s […]

Friday the 2

October 2, 2020


The Illinois Digital Learning Lab was what I expected — wonderful 🙂 Yes, overwhelming information but … we hvae 2 years to work wtih this and with each other. Yes, I had a student or two before the meeting b/c I had told all I could tell… heard that 2 folks came in while I […]

Friday’s coming!

October 1, 2020


Exciting not because it’s end of work week but because it’s the launch of the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. the 20 minute sesssion are about “planning for Education Program Improvement that Involves Using Technology” fromDavid Rosen and then Jennifer Maddrell with Tools to Support Real-Time Student Engagement etc etc and then Building Asynchronous Routines to […]