Used my superpowers

Posted on September 24, 2020


So today I simultaneously helped two people on zoom in two different math classes, while in the lab had a first time visitor needing to figure out the tech stuff and her assignments, and a student in Stats class, … all needing instant analysis and solutions to assorted problems. Another person or two came in not needing much help, just to use the stuff. That was after simultaneously helping half that many in the morning.

The first timer, who is coming back after 20 years out of school, marveled, also noting that “when I came here today ,I was feeling like ‘I am failing at this school,’ but now I think I can do it. “

I think she can, too; she has the “task management” skills that not all of them have yet (the two new folks in the morning who were shepherded to me by their math teacher *exactly* as the zoom doorbell rang. Oh, and I had to go out and cover the front desk because budget cuts). (Welp, I think she can because she also recognized what I was doing and marveled — if she thinks well of me she must be a wise woman!!! and if she knows to say things like that 😛 )

I’m afraid for the same reasons I *can* do that, I can’t properly record what I do and present it in an organized way to the powers that be, who don’t realize what I do. I “show them some tricks to get the math problems done” and really, it’s nothing that a much-less-costly staff person could do. THey don’t value this.

I could also do an even better job with co-workers with complementary skills. That used to be what happened here.

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