Palliative education

Posted on September 24, 2020


Palliative is one of the vocab. words for teh folks reading _Brain on Fire._

This is the flip side of “yes, I can work with higher level content to teach — yes, I’m going to call them lower level skills. There is benefit to teaching the basic mathematical thinking, especially if we can get to where it transfers to thinking outside the class setting.

It’s still a grave injustice if, basically, I’m trying to reduce the pain and the harm while draining finances and making false appearances. It’s palliative teaching.

I’m reflecting on students from many years past who kept coming to classes, kept “taking courses,” until they maxxed out our repeat policies; then there are the folks who were basically here because it was a safe place to be. Hey, they were still “going to college.”

Yes, these folks and the other rather large contingent who just don’t make it past developmental level say … it’s not working — but when the answer is to just stop supporting students (because it’s after all not working!), that’s also a grave injustice. It’s declaring “these students are a waste of our time and money.” Low-skill certificates are the shiny new thing… that smells like feudalism to me.

What if there were options that weren’t busy work? What if we didn’t just hand special education students calculators? What if we funded K-12 properly? Reading the _Antiracism and UDL_ book reminds me that it can be done – and it’s not too late when they’re college age.

And now back to…

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