training wheels

Posted on September 22, 2020


Doing integer addition with two digit numbers. When I thought “okay let me drift away” … errors. All it takes is one. And it’s a bit like falling off a bike. You’re spending the time getting back up and wondering what you did wrong, but you don’t have time to figure it out. If I’m here I can tell you what you did wrong… maybe even before you punch it in and have to do it over (but that’s sparing b/c you need practice…

I’m *really* glad to have the little camera gizmo b/c this student needs to see it happen, and see the “do one thing, then look at your new problem” process. So -5 -(-3) gets rewritten as -5+3 and now it looks like a problem that we can do. I’m also trying to teach “step back and look, is there a shortcut?” so that if we’re subtracting 39 from 42 …. because they are close together, we can count up.

Left to own devices, “productively struggling,” following the procedures… connections don’t happen. It’s not productive….

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