Antiracism and UDL

Posted on September 12, 2020


“Accessing the expressway of learning is a huge undertaking.
Most times the expressway moves at a fast pace and gets people
to their destinations more quickly than a roundabout street
approach. While driving, I have seen rare times when the expressway
was being utilized by more than just cars. I’ve seen
walkers, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. Walkers and bikers usually
stick to the shoulder. Being in the middle of the expressway
would be a danger. Struggling learners trying to keep up on the
education expressway need appropriate vehicles to stay safe
and keep moving.” from page 23…. AntiRacism and Universal Design for Learning by Andratesha Fritzgerald.

Yes, I miss when I knew where to find “block quote” but whatever!

I’m curious as to what this paragraph means. What are appropriate vehicles? I hope changing the infrastructure is included in this discussion. I want choices besides sticking to the shoulders vs. being in a vehicle that’s a menace. HOpefully “appropriate vehicles” are creatively designed, but … infrastructure, too.

“Becoming an expert learner is the vehicle that makes learning
safe and productive.” Okay, we’ll see 😉 The “Dorian” example of a nonreader works: using art as expression and hearing the lit instead of having to read it. Still engaging in complex text,etc.

Chapter 3 is about “safety checks” and starts with saying you don’t get on the expressway as your first driving experience. (SIgh. I hate cars.)

I think this is an important issue. Faculty bemoan the students who ask questions that are “right there on the assignment overview.” Many of these students come to me, embarrassed and overwhelmed. “I don’t even know where to look.” Well, it depends. Sometimes it’s in “announcements” an dyou land right on it (once you log in and all that). Sometimes you have to go to content and wander around a bit… find this week… find that kind of assignment…. and it’s usually different for different teachers. Learning this navigation (toss in a reading problem just for fun) could be analogous to getting that automaticity for fast lane changes…

THe book starts with analyzing — if it were the expressway analogy, it would be the infrastructure 🙂 Is that infrastructure anti-racist? Sigh, last year I could have answered “yes” to many of those questions but … not any more. I need to get some other stuff done but I think I’ll just go through them and do a “we did this about that but we don’t any more” list. More soon!

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