Posted on September 10, 2020


The WAMU radio show is talking to a “Futurist” about postsecondary ed. She is dreaming of a future where Harvard isn’t a big deal. Lots of people stressing: stop trying to imitate some mythical “full college experience” but be transparent about what it is… and that yes, lots of settings are good — for some people.

Sigh, the “future” should have more cooperation. Maybe talk to K-12 and community colleges. I hate hearing that their fundamental framework is 4-year, not including us.

They also talked to a person from an online university about its advantages, and it’s accredited… and online is extemely powerful if done right; that the students are owning their learning (and yes, they’re accredited thank you!).

I really appreciate that the ‘futurist’ specifically noted that short term get-a-job certificates claim to be about making things more equitable have the opposite effect in the long run. It’s job training for low-skill jobs that generally don’t have good career path.

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