Launch a book!!!

Posted on September 9, 2020


Okay, somehow I missed the Saturday email about the book launch team for Andratesha Fritzgerald’s book but I’m watching it now 😉 Yes, that was me they were talking about when they said some people “their thing” is not supporting Amazon, but reviews from “verified purchasers” are good for promoting. Yea, they’re right, but I”m not going there. It’s not like third party voting and yes, him saying out loud that some people don’t support the big guys works for me.

How can I miss emails when I’m always at the computer? I’m thinking I need a few more folder siphons.

… and I missed a zoomer by 15 minutes helping another student. It’s 11:06 now… I’ve got a 2:00 appointment… and here comes another student, YAY!!!

That’s the website for the book!

.. and no, there *isn’t* a way to add tages from here. Or there is, sort of sometimes. Featured image? I don’t know. It wants a huge one. Whatever. It didn’t add the one I picked.

Also got email for “Just Equations” and their “Crossing Signals” webinar. I’m going to let that one go by the way I think. THey’re “excited” about getting more people into college level courses, any which way but loose. The “crossing signals” is basically about … “what college websites tell students about taking mathematics” “designed to accelerate students’ progress through required college mathematics courses.”

It’s not about learning math …. and there simply isn’t enough of that happening.  

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