Holiday :)

Posted on September 7, 2020


Yes, I’m sitting at my window at the computer anyway.

I’m thinking about the gfletchy videos I saw yesterday about the learning of the math facts. (I’m not finding it today — Twitter doesn’t lend itself to that.) The concept of “doubling” is introduced with pink and yellow lemonade. It’s a simple, vivid visual.

That reminded me of using beads on a string that changed colors every seven beads for learning the sevens, from Marilyn Zecher, which inspired me to think that while instructional routines are invaluable, specific novelty is, too, *especially* when it’s conceptually based.

There are entire books where every times table has a cute story with a visual. 4 x 4 is 16 — you have to be 16 to drive that 4 x 4 vehicle. No math is included in most of them.

Having a visual and verbal ‘hook,’ though, is an idea I like. Another conversation was about quadratic solutions: should we say the solutions are “3 and -3″…. or “3 or -3”? At first I rolled my eyes … tried to think of situations where each would work… an dtweeted that it usually didn’t matter anyway. My guys just have to enter them in whatever way ALEKS says to type them in.

Reply: “did I think they mattered for inequalities” … well, yes. and then somebody noted that several books insisted on “or,” and noted that it could be used to help make “or” in inequalities easier. This made me think: I explain this with stories all the time. If Ineed a thing with this *and* that, it’s harder to find than a thing with this *or* that. Usually it’s something like a mug (because I can see one) that’s big enough and has a handle.

I bet in one bike ride I could think of a vivid, simple example and a visual/verbal hook.

First, though, the OpenEd 20 thinking!!! And wordpress, how can I go back to the version where I can add tags? The little help button says I can but it lies.  

LOL ‘edit’ includes it, with the loathesome “only shows up when you hover the mouse over it” deal. Must remember that. 

Going to strive to get 4 hours in on the times tables.   The ‘mini course for construction prep’ — I’m not sure they even care about any of that any more, so … p’raps at work when it’s quiet, which it won’t be with everybody else cut. Biking buddy who works at the U. was inspired by conferences gone virtual … abolitionists were mentioned, but I don’t know if there’s *anything* local in that direction and no, I haven’t heard from anything, but I think I shall just Resend Every Tuesday ’til I get a response.