H5p webinar

Posted on September 3, 2020


So! They archived the webinar on instructional design and practice problems. I wanted to be there b/c somebody had suggested that now H5P *can* be used well with math.

I still don’t know; that wasn’t discussed. I’ll look in the doc to see if there are examples therein (so I’m grateful that I didn’t even think of it when I was working w/ the student

The captions were the automatic ones but fortunately I didn’t need them. I really, really wished I could speed it up.

I couldn’t see the chat room but unless there were serious mathematical tangents I probably don’t need to.

They referenced a “DEWAR” framework for designing good questions which had fundamental ideas like designing questions to make students recall things, and went through a nifty sampling of different kinds of questions and issues. Except … captioning. I don’t know if it’s somebody named Dewar, an acronym or if they really meant “doer,” as in have students doing something. I searched on David Wiley’s blog and got 404s.

I think we’re going to lose a ton of students this semester. There just isn’t the support they need. If they hadn’t gutted us, we could be meeting and doing things. Time for networking…

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