Tech is great when

Posted on September 1, 2020


…. yesterday included a true exercise in futilities … it would have been nice to have a recording of the patience the student had dealing with having to do a printed out worksheet and make it a PDF.

Basically, his devices weren’t downloading it well; I think the INternet just wasn’t that good. Surprise dead ends — he tried to send me an email and my name didn’t come up in the directory and things dind’t get to me; I had him send it to my gmail account. I considered having him just send it to the other Suzy Jones here at owrk, since we’re used to forwarding things on.

I’m glad I grew up in dysfunctional system b/c I’ve always been surprised when things aren’t corrupt at the top. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and Outlook and our double identification — it **has** to be on a phone. You can give it two to choose from, but … if not, you simply *cannot* get to anything related to the college to get any work done. So you’re at the library and your phone battery goes? Too bad so sad. You’re in *this* office? You have to go out and get the code and *run back* because it changes every minute or so. Yes, ableism.

I am thinking we can start up a for-profit institution in the community and compete w/ teh college for those fafsa funds. Yes, this is what a community college *should* do.

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