Feeling like a teacher

Posted on August 29, 2020


… not in a good way.

At The New Community School, I found out what it was like to work where there were the resources to serve your students *well* … and not burn out.

I’d been in public school, where we analogized that we were all under this huge wet mattress and trying to help each other carry it along, and it shouldn’t be this heavy but … the jerks in charge made it that way pissing on it. You helped bear it as long as you could… and then you left when you had to. You did *what you could* for the students. You could never really do enough. It was better than surviving but it certainly wasn’t thriving.

At TNCS I found out what students could do and learn… how they could grow… when you had the resources to do it right.

In the college setting it was like that, too, to a point. Until this year — I could disappear for a few hours, a day, a few days. I was missed — there were fires that didn’t get ignited (or didn’t get put out, depending ? πŸ™‚ … but the bases were covered. I could say “we’re here. You need help, we’ve got it.” A student needed to see an advisor? There’s one around the corner. Coaches! Peer support!

Welp, not so now. That’s all been “trimmed.” Students are waiting days for an advisor to get back to them and … the advisors are very busy and don’t always find out about changes in options and policies.

I’m back to “we don’t have enough but let’s do the best we can for the students.” We’re “downstream,” trying to rescue the people that are being shoved into the poisonous river…

So yes, I could help some students get some assignments done — the one has zoom on Monday… and he’ll have everything *done* and get to be the good example πŸ˜‰ He even talked about reviewing the vocabulary words.

I want to get upstream and shut down the polluters and teach ’em all to navigate the waters and get along on land, too.

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