Posted on August 27, 2020


Quiet day … and it seems Outlook decided to remove my signature, so I … put it back.

Will I remember to get down to the food pantry?

I did and … they had prepared snacks not knowing how they’d get them out there, since I could have opted for “remote.”

Zoomer for math today — alas, at *exactly* the time of the webinar about what makes a good math practice problem. However, it will have been archived.

I have also scanned chapter 1 of text that hasn’t come in yet for students … and will be up front but hey, Logitech makes all things possible. Grab camera and headset, USB rocks 🙂 Zoom away!!!

Covid cases up *and* there was a “Pro police rally” where of course most folks didn’t wear masks. Are we another Kenosha? I think some of our folks are of that ilk…. our badger folks were not aware of some COVID stuff that the main honey badger was aware of. We need to have networks… codes… hmmm…. I’ve been thinking of having a social hour…

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