School has started!

Posted on August 24, 2020


If today’s any indicator, I’ll be *plenty* busy.

Somebody asked when I let them know they’re getting rid of our department: what will the students do?

I don’t know. These students, today, went from overwhelm to under control, relatively speaking.

A pretty cool multiplication app on Geogebra: and I commended its “formative” nature, noting would like more connections to the times tables. I realize this is a great example of “exposure without retrieval.”

I’m thinking this could be a Matthew Effector — the student who’s already somewhat familiar with the facts in question will be connecting and sort of retrieving… okay, after 14, next is 21.

The other student is simply looking for the next bigger number, not even processing the gap between them.

They each get the right answer, but one has been reviewing and the other has been sorting numbers less to greater. Teacher could be “happy” b/c that is a valuable skill … keeping expectations low.

Next tiny task: update Zoom ‘not the video’ avatar…. email outzoom to chorus people…

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