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Not going to tag this with MTBOSBLaugust b/c … it’s not really mathy.

Yesterday a bit of derecho slammed through — didn’t last long, but the winds took down a zillion trees and … after barely getting started on Making A Test Prep Course … (tomorrow I’ll blog about the mathy part of that)… about 4:35 the power went out and the winds got violent.  We went out and stuffed stuff into the garage tho’ it had died down by then.  Our yard … the naked lady flowers were some of ’em layin’ flat… and lots of sticks, but all trees happy and hale.

Lights came back on — across the street — a little after 7 and … they were all on two doors down.  I thought “okay, soon?” … no.  A friend called about when I was thinking it would be a LONG NIGHT…  we had a long conversation 🙂 … then I blew out the candles, went to bed… yes, my flashlight fetish is reactivated — I ‘only’ had 2 fresh ones, and the AA batteries in my little bin … barely lit my Big Light.

In the morning, no pwer ?!?!?   I tried to log in to touch base on my phone but — I had a < in my password.  None of my keyboards let that through.

However!   Tethering was complicated but possible.   I went to “tether” in the settings, gave a password and clicked “yes, I KNOW!” to the dire warnings that it would suck my battery dead.   I still had 80 percent of my Big Juice BOx that takes about 5% to fully charge the phone.   The computer wanted an 8 digit code… wouldn’t take that password there, but second try on “try a security key” took.   I dove in and reset my password. It took the Juice Box down… well, a little faster as when I put my travel 8 incher on it. I took the time to also let my Monday Zoomers know … I was okay 😉

There’s an “outage map” and —  most places *were* fine.  So I went to the store for batteries, espied a neighbor getting ice — d’oh… 2 7 pound bags, I’m on a bicycle after all… (confirmation that okay, it was a few blocks of outage — but he, too, could see lights all around.)

I think it’s less creepifying when you can still see porchlights.

Then it was … good grief, I am BORED!!! And I need to make that course!   So I hopped on the bicycle and rode out to campus.

No, it didn’t feel at all “normal.”   Of course, it was several hours later than normal, for starters.   There weren’t *that* many trees down (our area was hit hardest, tree-wise, tho’ power out *all over.*  Wind probably had branches taking wires out — or just the wind. It’s still… a different world.

Campus has some cars but my wing — empty. I practiced opening doors w/ my sleeved elbows… wore the mask… and oh, yea, the computers all got re-imaged b/c of the hack job in April.   So getting on board took a little bit, but I was a *little* less distracted once I dove into the “course” stuff.

Interesting Times.


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