Posted on August 10, 2020



Okay, I haven’t really done That Thing but I discovered that I’m a week off — it’s not prep week yet!   I took last week off except for checking emails occasionally… but now I *will* have this week to figure out … how to keep from feeling like I’m on a boat that’s drifted out from the shore of the campus/school community.   I need to be “on the boat” — we need distance! — so … creativity is in order. Fact is that others will be experiencing the same thing (and their waters are choppier).     “That Thing” is reaching out to contact people in the community — not already connected with me, though perhaps w/ the school in other ways.

And no, I didn’t get many hours in with the times tables last week, either. I have joined Math Todos  ; this morning’s email says NCTM wants them to present things at their annual meeting.    Hoo boy, NCTM noticed them!   … then I remember they noticed MTBOS/ Twitter Math Camp and … I’m not sure it was helpful in the long run — NCTM keeps demonstrating that they “listen” to others on their terms, when they deem it worthwhile, from their places of privilege.  I just don’t have time for that.

Like Twitter Math Camp/MTBOS,  the Math TOdos folks seem to be very front-line people, tho’ so far mostly urban…

Still!   My task for this week is — sneak in at least a few minutes on the times tables, but also make an online resource collection for our “study guide” for the construction careers training program, which shall OF COURSE be #OER.

Oh! and Illinois Digital Learning Lab is doing another tech thing w/ adult ed, with the whole state  through Chicago Citywide Literacy  … not sure if the application is there… when I did it before it ended up being reading not math as the focus but p’raps…

Now to the work!

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