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Posted on August 2, 2020


It’s the first of the month, and #mtbos encourages us to blog and share.

Our state and local COVID cases are still awful at almost 1700 *today* for the state. A tweet linked to a twitter account of a professor who got the thing in April and her dying plea last week was for people to please go to FB groups and tell them the truth.  She was *not* somebody who should have died.

But math!!!!   I decided I couldn’t blog ’til I’d successfully gotten quizzes of 3 kinds working and shared.   I did!

I sent this email:

Hi folks!

I’ve collaborated on several really nifty projects to curate and create OER for adult ed and making ‘supports’ for Illustrative Math.
I haven’t found another side project — so I’ve been playing with learning JavaScript and HTML5 and CSS.   It’s prob’ly a good example of Why It’s Hard To Make Online Stuff Without Having Houghton-Mifflin Funding.
I frequently recall JESS MITCHELL’s  keynote at OpenEd18:   who do we allow ourselves to fail?  HOw many students fail math?
How much “interactive online” math is procedural?  Pretty much all of it.
How hard is it to do something conceptual that can exist independently of the rest of a curriculum that doesn’t have that?   Really hard. I have ideas — I put them “out there” at the Rebus Community site
However, I kept tripping over teachers and parents asking about good things for learning their times tables and there’s a ton of stuff out there!
… mostly rote, mostly childish, so I figured:   make a Thing for the folks who are being allowed to fail at understanding multiplication. Too often the “solution” is “hand ’em a calculator” — and like Marilyn Zecher, I think calculators are great, but … not at the expense of understanding. This video explains how this can be disastrous for students with learniingdisabilities, and offers alternatives.
So!   I figured out how to make a practice quiz to nail down that anythign times zero is zero:   https://www.resourceroom.net/20OER/QuizInOrderReview/ZeroWithReview/
And I figured out how to set up a quiz with a simple review/repeat process (that I have ideas for improving).   This is so much like flash cards that I”d almost prefer teaching students how to do that with cards, since the physical movement is helpful for so many. https://www.resourceroom.net/20OER/QuizRandom/TensBeta/

And I figured out how to throw some visuals in for a more formative assessment:    https://resourceroom.net/20OER/Quizzes1/TensWithPicsBetaQuiz/
(and I’ve got short videos for each one… )
So much of OER targets Some Big Need.   I’d love to figure out a way to meet “smaller” needs — and to make interactive, online learning that’s open and sustained and maintained.
Ideas and feedback welcome 🙂
And I sent it.  There had been a big ol’ thread that got contentious so my other motivation was “hey want something else to talk about?”
… and in other “news” … I’d signed up for Jo Boaler’s latest course, just to see what ideasw were floating around.   The link didn’t work when I got the “course started” motivation.   Welp, she was also on a panel w/ NCTM about “reimagining math” in COVID.  Somebody on twitter had the audacity to ask if there were any classroom teachers on the panel.
The only answer was from Jo, who said she was a classroom teacher.   I asked “K-12?”  well, for part of the year.  I asked if she’d done the emergency transition for COVID.
Crickets.   And in the meantime she posted asking why people were so eager to critique free webinars, and tweeted to the original questioner about attacking her (yes, questions are attacks) and noting that she had Buddhist in her profile with five grins.
Can we say “saviorism?”   Can we say … what?????   Laughing at somebody’s religion?
     I “atted” NCTM on a couple of things but no, none of them could be inconvenienced.
     I watched the recording.   There *were* people there who’d had to do the transition, tho’ no current ‘regular’ classroom teachers.  They still had lots of good ideas and information.
    Of course, no actual interaction was allowed.
    Talk about the voice of privilege:   dare to critique? Ask for a voice?  NO. Be grateful.   THere have been some glimmers from NCTM about wanting to be more inclusive but this was a pretty loud “don’t go away mad, just go away.”
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