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Feeling like a teacher

August 29, 2020


… not in a good way. At The New Community School, I found out what it was like to work where there were the resources to serve your students *well* … and not burn out. I’d been in public school, where we analogized that we were all under this huge wet mattress and trying to […]


August 27, 2020


Quiet day … and it seems Outlook decided to remove my signature, so I … put it back. Will I remember to get down to the food pantry? I did and … they had prepared snacks not knowing how they’d get them out there, since I could have opted for “remote.” Zoomer for math today […]

Lame Ducks

August 25, 2020


I informed an English prof — one who specializes in our entry level students, as I do – of the admin decisions to eliminate our director’s position and the lack of future for our student support. He was flabbergasted. I couldn’t bring myself to do that to our public safety person whom told me in […]

School has started!

August 24, 2020


If today’s any indicator, I’ll be *plenty* busy. Somebody asked when I let them know they’re getting rid of our department: what will the students do? I don’t know. These students, today, went from overwhelm to under control, relatively speaking. A pretty cool multiplication app on Geogebra: and I commended its “formative” nature, noting […]


August 18, 2020


  It’s prep week and today was Faculty Q & A.   State COVID numbers continue to creep up — should I be glad they’re not acting all that exponential?   Our county had another nice low day (something like 13 or 16 cases, 0.4 positivity rate) but since yesterday students *really* started back in throngs… people […]

Life gets tedious, don’t it

August 13, 2020


  So!   It’s Thursday; starting this week I don’t have Friday off. Since I am trying to crank out a usable course … I appreciate tomorrow being a work day. Boring weather, yay!   County COVID numbers good — sub-1% positivity.  State? barely under 4. I’ve got the first oh, 4 of about 40 lessons so […]


August 12, 2020


  Not going to tag this with MTBOSBLaugust b/c … it’s not really mathy. Yesterday a bit of derecho slammed through — didn’t last long, but the winds took down a zillion trees and … after barely getting started on Making A Test Prep Course … (tomorrow I’ll blog about the mathy part of that)… […]


August 10, 2020


  Okay, I haven’t really done That Thing but I discovered that I’m a week off — it’s not prep week yet!   I took last week off except for checking emails occasionally… but now I *will* have this week to figure out … how to keep from feeling like I’m on a boat that’s drifted […]

Rabbit, Rabbit!

August 2, 2020


It’s the first of the month, and #mtbos encourages us to blog and share. Our state and local COVID cases are still awful at almost 1700 *today* for the state. A tweet linked to a twitter account of a professor who got the thing in April and her dying plea last week was for people […]