INSIDE church.

Posted on July 12, 2020



We had church inside today.
People were instructed explicitly how to stay far away from each other… that no, we weren’t singing… and everybody was given a post-it note to put where they were so they could disinfect those places. *Everybody* was masked, though I saw a single nose.  Don’t know that story (the rest of the family had ’em on right, so  I wonder…)  
They did have the ac running as opposed to all the windows open, but … we got ac because too many people were passing out.
Honestly, I left feeling like I’d been at a “this stuff is serious!” meeting.  Oh, and one lady was assisted up for communion and she just looked terrified.   I don’t know that story, either.
But our education secretary says everybody has to go back to school.   She won’t answer questions; just recites her chosen statements.  Such a small percentage of students will die because of this.  I need to figure out a way to inspire options to happen.
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