Posted on July 10, 2020



I finally got to actually see and hear Rochelle Gutierrez.   Oh, but alert tells me 1317 cases today.  Spike, people.  I’m callin’ it a spike. (Wonder how many are farm workers.)

Panel from TodosMath which I shall join…she talked about the people in the system being hurt as well as the people the system squishes out because everything *is* about test scores.  They talked about math being part of life, not just part of school — the same way oh, literature and star-gazing would be life, not just part of school.   Math shouldn’t just be a thing to get a better job or not get ripped off.

And I think small rejoicing is in order.   So, I did the tables with images for all but 1 and 0 (might do 1 b/c it really does take less than 2 minutes to do), ironing out glitches all the way, knowing that of course there are 15 more glitches to be ironed… and then thinking “ugh, I am going to have to go back and update all the random ones!”

Except I didn’t do the random ones except tens 😛    So I get to fix *that* one, figure out how to make the arrays work so that you only get the fact once, and then do the swapout for that.  I aws thinking of creative sequence as well as random, but then realized the ‘creative sequence’ is where I really want to be doing the spaced retrieval where you count them off and remove one at a time.

I shared theone w/ MTBOS … we’ll see…



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